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Bangle Size Guide

Would you be interested in knowing the size of your Bangle? The two techniques listed below can be used to determine your size.

Measure your own bangle to determine your bangle size.
  • Take a well-fitting bangle and place it on the scale. 
  • Measure the inner diameter of your bangle.
  • Use the following chart to determine the size of your bangle.
  • This is your bangle size.
Measure your hand to determine your bangle size.
  • Cut a thin strip of paper or thread.
  • Bring your thumb and little finger close together.
  • Wrap were your hand is widest.
  • Mark the spot where the paper or thread meets.
  • Then measure the length of the paper or thread using the scale.
  • Use the following chart to determine the size of your bangle.
Observe these pointers before purchasing gold bracelets or bangles.
  • It is always advised to get bangles that are around half to three quarters of an inch bigger than the size of your wrist. You won’t have any trouble wearing them if you do this.
  • Cover your hand with a silk or crepe cloth to make it easier to slide the bangles off.
  • When purchasing bangles online and unsure of your size, choose the openable styles. They are simple to wear and adaptable.
  • Make sure the diamonds in a diamond bracelet are of better quality and grade if you intend to wear it frequently. Pick a setup that is robust and not overly complicated.
  • When buying gold bracelets, be sure to purchase an adequate storage box for them to preserve the curve of the bracelet. The bangles will be protected from harm by a sturdy, decent-quality box.


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