Market Price Today 18 kt Gold : 5,740.28 | 22 kt Gold : 6,950.76 | Diamond : 72,355.00 | Silver : 85,983.00 | 24 kt Gold : 7,553.00

BIS 916 Hallmarked Pure Gold

BIS 916 Hallmarked Pure Gold refers to gold jewelry that has been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as being of 22 karat purity, which is 91.6% pure gold. When you buy BIS 916 Hallmarked Pure Gold jewelry, you are guaranteed that the gold content is of the stated purity and quality, as verified by the BIS hallmark.

There are no specific promises associated with BIS 916 Hallmarked Pure Gold beyond the assurance of purity and quality provided by the hallmark. However, it is generally considered a reliable and trusted standard for gold jewelry in India.

Therefore, at PM GOLD, we also abide by BIS 916’s laws and regulations to offer our clients high-quality jewellery that will satisfy their desire to buy from us. Every product in our store has BIS 916 hallmark logo on to it.



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