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Jewellery Purchase Plan

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PM GOLD Mana Gold Tree Scheme is a simple and rewarding payment plan. Make hassle-free monthly payments for 11 months, and as a special bonus, you’ll receive an additional month of payment absolutely free! That’s 12 months of payments for the price of 11. Join the Mana Gold Tree Scheme today and experience the joy of extra financial benefits. All you have to do is Enroll Now and join MAAPMGOLD’s Mana Gold Tree Scheme. 

Start by filling Our form below and our customer support will reach you back for the same.  Our pricing slabs start as low as Rs.5,000. A Customer Receipt Book will be provided to keep a track of all your payments. All you have to do is pay eleven equal monthly advance payments. On completion of the last payment, you can buy the jewellery of your choice with no wastage (VA) upto 18%. The no wastage (VA) upto 18% is limited to gold weight applicable for the accumulated value.

For more details you can contact: 9949803318/9676122848

The “Mana Gold Tree” Jewellery Purchase Plan offers customers a range of flexible schemes to acquire exquisite jewellery pieces. The scheme allows participants to invest in jewellery with scheme amounts starting from ₹5000 and going up to ₹35,000. Customers can choose a scheme that suits their budget and preferences, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

This unique plan provides an opportunity for customers to gradually build their jewellery collection over time. With an initial investment as low as ₹5000, participants can begin their journey towards owning beautiful and authentic gold pieces. As the scheme amount increases, customers can explore a wider selection of jewellery designs and styles, catering to various tastes and occasions.

The “Mana Gold Tree” Jewellery Purchase Plan is designed to empower customers with a budget-friendly way to invest in gold jewellery. It offers the perfect blend of affordability and luxury, enabling individuals to celebrate milestones, express their personal style, and create lasting memories with stunning jewellery pieces.

Whether it’s a thoughtful gift for a loved one or a treat for oneself, the “Mana Gold Tree” Jewellery Purchase Plan opens the door to a world of elegance and sophistication, making the dream of owning exquisite gold jewellery a reality for everyone.



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