Market Price Today 18 kt Gold : 5,638.50 | 22 kt Gold : 6,916.56 | Diamond : 72,355.00 | Silver : 9,487,300.00 | 24 kt Gold : 7,518.00
General Merchandise queries

Sometimes we do not have certain pieces in our stock. Or,  it might have been relocate it to any other page. But if you really need the desired product, we will always try our best to help you get the same. For this, you need to get in touch with the customer care team on +91 9949803318

For this purpose, you need to call our customer care team and they will provide you with the choices.

Yes. We have a range of chains for you. You need to select the preferred pendant and you can also find an option to check out the chains. The price that is mentioned near pendant is only for the pendant and the cost of chain is separate. Once you have selected the pendant, you need to click on “BUY NOW” option and later browse for gold or 22Kt Yellow chain. uses only conflict-free diamonds that are acquired from legitimate diamond sources. These are certified through famous Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

For just a price of Rs.500, we can provide you with duplicate certificate. “Copy/ duplicate” will be written across such certificate.

Due to different regional price of gold, there may be differences in prices of the products sold.

Delivery and shipment provides its customers with free shipping facilities on all the items within India.

The date of delivery usually depends on the type of product chosen by you. We have various products in store that will be delivered to you within 7 working days.
Most of the products are usually readily available and it normally takes upto 7 days for delivering such jewellery pieces to you in a safe condition. Please exclude Saturdays, Sundays and festival occasions.

We make sure to deliver the products through popular insured couriers. Also it is advised that you confirm if we deliver to your pincode. If courier service is not available in your locality, we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience

Your piece of jewellery is shipped in a durable condition and tamper-evidence packing is done so that the product remains intact. We provide complete insurance to your jewellery till it reaches you as we deliver the products to you through reputed courier facilities like Bluedart. We advise not to accept such products that are tampered with.

No, We dont have international shipping.

If the product is not yet shipped, you can easily get the shipping address changed. In such cases, we will make sure to coordinate with our courier agencies to get it delivered to the latest address. You can get in touch with the Customer service team on +91 9949803318 to help you with it. If the product is in transit and the address cannot be changed, we will make sure to reship such product to new address when the product is returned to us.

No, we are sorry. As of now we do not have such option.

As of now we deliver our products to maximum cities in India. However, there are a few exceptions to this. We advise you to check if the product will be delivered to your pincode in the product detail page. If you need more information on this, you can always get in touch with the service team on +91 9949803318.

Yes. You can get the product delivered in India. We would need a valid shipping address in India for the product to be delivered. We request you to check on such information in the product detail page, if product can be delivered to your pincode.

Our courier agents will always leave a message in such circumstances and will try to deliver the product to you again. However, we request you to plan your purchase and coordinate with the courier team, so that product gets delivered at the right time.

In order to ensure that the products do not miss in transit, we inform the courier service to deliver the product only to person who has initiated the receipt of product. Therefore, we request you to plan and coordinate your purchase so that you receive the product without any problem.

The customer is requested to keep a photocopy of any of the identity proofs like driving license, Pan card, voters id, Aadhar or passport while receiving the product. You would also need to sign on a form after delivery.

You can easily track the status of order by logging in to our website and clicking on Track Order

If in case you are not satisfied with the product and would want to return it back to us, we have Returns & Exchange Policy in place. Under this, you will not be liable to pay any courier charges for return shipment.

As of now, we undertake shipment only to selected cities of India. If your city is not included in the delivery list, we request you to get in touch with customer service team on +91 9949803318.

We provide transit insurance on all goods till they reach you.

If such events, we make sure to wait for about 15 days and then initiate reprocessing or reshipment of the goods.


We offer different methods for making payment like net banking, debit card & credit card, Cheque, demand draft and fund transfer. Your account information will be confidential and we use SSL encryption technology for protecting your card information.

There are no hidden costs at all. We do not charge extra shipping charges also. The total price that is mentioned in the product page will be the final price.

The prices are subject to change without notice. You should know that you are liable to pay the amount that is stated on the day of purchase.

We accept Master card and Visa and we also accept international card. You will need to enter the 16 digit number that is featured on the card and also the CVV Code to initiate payment. We make sure to keep all the debit and credit card details private and also use SSL encryption technology for protecting the card information.

If there are any refunds, we make sure to credit the amount to your bank account once we receive the product within 10 working days. You need to get in touch with the Customer Support Team by providing the bank account and IFSC code, which will be printed behind the cheque book.

The debit or credit card details that you provide on the payment gateway page will be authorized by the bank or debit/ Credit Card Company. After we receive the authorization, we finalize your order. You will know instantly if your credit card is accepted.

The reasons to refuse debt or credit card are mentioned below :

  • If the card number in invalid (May be the result of a typo)
  • If the card does not have sufficient credit balance remaining to pay for the order
  • If the billing address that is entered in the order form does not match with the address in your debit or credit card statement
  • If the expiration date of the is not entered right

You an contact your debit/ credit card issuing bank for any further clarifications.

We accept all types of credit & debit card. We also accept net banking facility that is provided by the major banks in India. To get a detailed list on the different options of payment, you can refer the payment options.

Product Sizing

We advise our customers to check the size of the ring before placing of an order or you can check the ring size guide online. After placing the order, if at all the ring that is purchased by you does not fit, then you need to send the ring back to us at your own cost. We request you to go through our exchange and return policy in detail.

Yes you can. But however, we do not recommend it as we do not accept such items that are modified by third party. It also voids the 14 day return policy and lifetime exchange policy as such modifications, if done incorrectly, can lead to damage of the gems or even the strength of the setting.

When you shop with us, the size of the rings will be shown to you. Other than the standard ring size that has been displayed, if you select any ring of other size, service might be required to get it adjusted. If you opt for the ring sizing service, it will take up to 3 additional business days.

Yes we do have engraving service at a very nominal charge of Rs- 250.

To check ring size, you can visit the Ring size guide link on our website.

Definitely. Ring of different size can be ordered. However we request you to get in touch with our Customer service Team on +91 9949803318.

My Account and Registration

You need to enter your email id on the sign in page and then click on the Forgot password box. A Link will be sent to your email Id,You need to click on that link which will redirect you to the page where you can enter your new password

You can easily change your password in Edit Profile section under the My Account tab.

For changing your Registration address, phone number and email, you need to go to the Personal Information link under My Account and make the suitable changes.

Faster Checkout
When you register to Account, you will be benefited with a faster checkout for all your purchases.
Track Order
Tracking orders can be done easily in a single click.
Get Recommendations
As you are a registered user, you would get personalized recommendations on the basis of your shopping history.
Exclusive Offers
You will know about the latest offers and discounts before anybody else gets to know about them.
Make a Wishlist
You can add items to wishlist and then share it with your family and friends on Social networking site.
Save time
Your contact details are saved and by this, you need not type the details every time you make a purchase. This will in turn save your time.

Return, Exchange & Buyback policies

In such events, you are required to return the product in an an unused condition with its original packing and it should also include original tags, so that the refund can be initiated. You can reach the customer service team on +91 9949803318 or send us an email at [email protected] & report the incident the same day when you received your order. For more details, you can go through our Return & Exchange Policy.

If in case you opt for refund of payment for any reason, we make sure to refund the money to you in the same way how you have made the payment. It is secured and is normally made with a crossed cheque.

We provide FREE Return Shipping facility. You will get complimentary return shipping on all resizings, refunds or exchanges for all products within the 14-day return policy.

  1. First of all, you need to call our customer support team for placing your return request.
  2. We will make sure to courier a tamper evident package to you. This will be in pre-printed form with our return address and unique serial number indicated in it. It will also include your Name and Address on the outside return area.
  3. You need to secure your jewellery with original packing materials and certificate in such package that is provided by Please note that once this package is sealed, it cannot be opened till it is destroyed.
  4. As soon as your package is ready, you can call our customer service team and we will send a courier so that we can pick it up from you.
  5. Once the returned item is received by us, the refund or new item will be dealt with.
Security Questions and Privacy Policy

We know that privacy is essential for you and we make sure to keep all your personal information in a secured form on We make sure not to disclose your personal details to any other company for marketing purpose or for mailing purpose. All the payments will be processed by third party, who make sure to adhere to privacy policy that are mentioned. We also have a non-disclosure agreement in place with the third party and they are known to be certified the major card issuers. For further details, you are requested to go through our privacy policy.

We at always make to consider the security and safety of our consumers. Also we are equipped with a lot of technological protections, which are in place so that all the transaction process are known to be safe and the information of customers are also secured. As a part of the advanced security options, we do not accept financial information on servers. All the information that is entered by you is usually received directly through the payment gateway and then it is transmitted to your respective banks servers. All of this is done through the standard encryption protocol, which is called as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All the major online transactions are usually completed without incident. But you should know that customer protection should happen both ways. During the process of buying any online venue, you need to be careful. never sends an email or call any customer for disclosing or verifying their respective password, bank account number or credit card details. Such kind of information should be submitted on web page forms after completion of the order on our site or whenever making any kind of updates to My Account section. If you receive any phishing mails, it is advised to go to our website and then to the account instead of clicking on the link.

  • If you receive an email or call from unknown contacts personifying as any of the associates or sister concerns of asking for confirmation of your personal banking information and your password. Do not disregard the request and it is advised that you report the incident to us for further investigation.
  • The customers should always be careful with shipment confirmation e-mails and review order so that they are genuine and is sent by MaaPmGold. For doing this, you need to cross check the confirmation mails with transaction history that is found in accounts section. If in case you receive a confirmation email pertaining to shipment, which is not yours, it is advised to report such an incident to MaaPmGold.
  • Phishing emails will usually have an urgency tone. Be aware of such emails as MaaPmGold never sends such mails to its customers.
  • If you have any doubt on the reliability of any email, make sure not to click on any link that will be included in the mail. This would trigger the malicious software that is installed in your system. Make sure to report such incident to

You may come across genuine mails that usually contains Trojans and virus. Such programs may look safe. But they might actually be harmful. Such virus and Trojans usually install a kind of malicious code in your system without any knowledge. They collect all your confidential information that the fakes usually use for the purpose of accessing your account.

Below mentioned are a few important tips that should always be followed by you.

    • Always keep your system updated with latest anti-spyware/ anti-virus software.
    • Also install a personal firewall to your system for the purpose of protecting your account.
    • Make sure to keep your system updated with latest security patches and also make sure not to click on any links open attachments that is unknown or spam.

As of now, the confidentiality in stored in corporate customer database and internet database. We make sure to limit the access to information within the organization and with the business that needs to be known. Many of our employees would also not have access to such information. Also, we impose a policy against any kind of unauthorized disclosure or the kind of information that is shared with us. We also make sure to instruct the employees relating to the policies. We also make sure that the third parties who provide their services to us would have access to customer information and also share the commitment of maintaining the privacy and also adhere to the non-disclosure requirements of the company. As indicated above, we do not rent or sell customer details to any other organization or company or we do not authorize organization for using customer information for official purposes.

We make sure to release relevant information about yourself if and only if we are bound to do the same. Also the various valid legal processes are also complied like search warrant, court order and a valid administrative request from the law enforcement agency. Just like other businesses, it may be required that as the business progresses, we might want to buy or sell online business and various other assets. In such situations, the information about customers is also a part of transferred assets. If in case we get acquired by any third party, the customer information is also transferred as a part of transferred assets. Under such circumstances will go to an extent that such acquiring party should be able to follow all the practices that are mentioned in the privacy policy. We also make sure to use secure server technology for keep all the person information like account information and details in a secured manner. The information about your order is encrypted with the help of Verisign software. Once such data gets stored in our database, we would have database security procedures and technologies in place for protecting the same from accessing by third parties or by unauthorized employees.

MaaPmGold supports the VbV (Verified byVisa), which is a secured technology, which validates the Visa card and also makes sure that only authorized cardholder places the order. If at the bank which has issued the Visa card supports VbV, it is required to enter your password or you may also be required to sign up for VbV once you check out. You can now activate your current card as well.

We support MasterCard SecureCode, which is a security technology that helps in authenticating the MasterCard and also makes sure that only authorized cardholder places the order.

If the bank that has issued your MasterCard supports MasterCard SecureCode, you will be required to enter your password or also sign up for MasterCard SecureCode once you check out. You can now activate your current card as well.



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