Market Price Today 18 kt Gold : 5,759.00 | 22 kt Gold : 7,064.00 | Diamond : 0.00 | Silver : 95,571.00 | 24 kt Gold : 7,679.00
Buy Back Policy
  • This buyback policy is applicable on the gold jewellery, solitaire or gold coin after 14 days of purchase from
  • Buy back can be done by returning the product to the registered address of or by visiting & returning the product at our store.
  • The Buyback policy is based on giving the fair value of gold jewellery . The benchmark rate at the store will be applicable.
  • Below table can explain the details of buyback.
Product Type

Gold Jewellery

Making Charge, Other stones and taxes

Buyback Value

96% value of benchmark gold rate

Buyback is not applicable

The buyback policy is subject to the approval of our Quality check team. MAA PM GOLD reserves the right to calculate the buyback amount of the product depending on the final evaluation by our quality check team.



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